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Bebco Industries provides quality products as recognized by our company and our clients. Bebco’s customer service is excellent, as they have a very professional, courteous and qualified staff. Their facility is also impressive. Very special thanks to Brandon Kiser and Jimmy O’Neil who have tirelessly been there for us as needed, especially these past 6 months. Bebco has been and will continue to be an integral part of our delivery team.

Phil Sampona
Sr. Project Manager
ABB Incorporated

On behalf of the Burrow Global Management, I would like to extend our appreciation for the kindness and professionalism used by your team. The phone calls by the Owner was a surprise! BEBCO was very well represented by Stacy Powell when addressing our needs.

We are looking forward to include BEBCO into our future projects.

Jose Nieto
Burrow Global

It was a pleasure working with you and all the Bebco team on the supply of three electrical buildings, support structure and equipment for our client in Arizona.  Your company's professionalism from the initial bidding stage and throughout the project was a blessing. From information turnover time, customer design changes all the way trough to the accelerated testing and delivery schedule, your staff responded promptly and courteously.  We were able to meet all the site construction deadlines and successfully deliver the project ahead of schedule and on budget. We look forward to the opportunity to work with Bebco again and want to thank you and your company for all the hard work that went into making this a successful project for TNT.  

Stephen Bailey
Terra Nova Technologies, Inc.

Our experience with Bebco as a supplier of custom built industrial shelters has been excellent. All projects have been on time, good quality workmanship, and Bebco makes every effort to support us when changes are required.


Larry W Reed
Reetex, Ltd.

On behalf of VSD I would like to set aside a few minutes and let you know how appreciative we are of you and your entire company.

The quality of the products BEBCO has successfully delivered over the years in condensed time schedules is only matched by how professional and approachable the employees are; both are of the highest standards. Bebco has been one of the few companies that has assisted in every single area of the build process as a team player with our company. Bebco’s professional inputs were invaluable in the design, engineering, logistics, fabrication, building, testing, and delivery of extremely advanced modular simulators for training of military personnel. While the magic of projects is almost always hidden behind the scenes, the customer ultimately wants the first impression to have that “Wow” factor; mission accomplished Bebco!

Bebco has given the same care and attention to the structural support span of our modular unit’s removable wall breach sections as they do the color of the screws holding the door handle. While caring about our opinion on the little things, Bebco ensured our specifications were met, or exceeded, and still conformed to international standards and practices. With such wonderful and positive experiences that your entire team has given us, we look forward to many years of being a dedicated Bebco customer.

Thank you for all the great work,

Brian M. Wythe

Congratulations to all involved! The unit arrived safely, was unloaded, and set on its foundations yesterday.  BEBCO as a whole did an exceptional job in getting this building out! I commend you all!

Steve Kahlich
Oxy Permian

My experience with Bebco Industries Inc. has had a very positive impact on my business in many ways. We are a small manufacturing company that services the Oil and Gas Industry located in Crosby, Texas just outside of Houston. In this market place there are many industrial building manufacturers. I have had Bebco building for our company since 2011 to present; during that time they have manufactured over 60 building.

During the design stage they were very helpful in their knowledge of applicable electrical and building codes to meet our requirements.  By outsourcing our buildings and other component this has been very positive for JMC. Their quality and service has been outstanding, always having exceeded the expectations of both JMC and the end user. Use of Bebco buildings and technology has provided an advantage for us to compete with the larger manufactures, only without the overhead. This gives us the opportunity to remain competitive in our market.

I have Bebco as my only supplier of industrial buildings, after using a similar company for years. There are many reasons for this, but mainly it is because of their attention to detail. Every job is reviewed: questions are asked, details are clarified and sometimes specification mistakes are found. This gives us the security in knowing that our products will have consistent quality control.  Over the years, we have developed a great working relationship with Bebco. So much so that I often feel they are not a separate business but a division within my corporation. There is no doubt that Bebco Industries Inc. has been a factor in the continuous growth of my business, and will continue to be so for years to come.

Ray Jordan, President
Jordan Manufacturing Consulting

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