Using our Image Viewing Program

This website features a program for easy viewing of enlarged images with detailed captions.  Click any thumbnail image to begin, and use the navigation arrows below each image or the back and next buttons centered to the left and right of each image that are visible on mouse-over, as shown below.  Then either click the close button or the darkened area of the background to expose the original screen.  In each instance, you'll see a crisp images and detailed captions.

Are you getting the whole picture?

                                                                                        A typical slide should look something like this:example
We strive to create a website that works well in all browsers on all desktop and laptop computers, but some browser settings and high screen resolutions can prevent you from seeing all content.

If all settings are normal, you should see the entire slide easily. If resolution or browser settings are "high" to make images or text easier to view, a grey box may appear near the upper right corner of the slide.  Click that box to enlarge the image or consider changing some settings to gain the maximum value and enjoyment from our website.

Contact Us if you need assistance with this feature!