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Truck Loading Station Shelter

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6' x 12' Interlocking Galvanized Sheet Metal Truck Loading Station Shelter
with Shed Roof, Entry Door, Fixed Windows & Roof Mounted Lifting Lugs

This truck loading station shelter acts as a clearing house at the security gate entry of a refinery's product delivery truck loading depot. While compact, it features an entry door, multiple viewing windows and sufficient space at the rear for a security guard's truck depot computer terminal and work station. One special feature the client requested for this truck loading station shelter was top lift provisions, due to the lack
of a forklift large enough to handle this structure. Upon arrival, the truck loading station shelter was quickly unshackled, off-loaded and swung into position using a cherry picker. The provision for top mount lifting eyes was designed in a manner to allow their removal, and an interior liner and white polyurethane finish for this truck loading station shelter completed this project.

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