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Industrial Duty Fiberglass Shelters

When Bebco says Industrial Duty, rest assured we mean it!
Starting with a specification that outlines every aspect of construction, you’ll discover fiberglass is a medium that in
the right hands can be constructed to withstand extremely
harsh environments.

We begin with a rigid 4” thick polyiscocyanurate foam-board core. Each board is custom trimmed and beveled as required into precise shapes. We then encase the boards with galvanized back-to-back studs on 16” maximum centers and caps top and bottom to create an insulated metal frame for each wall and roof section. Next, we apply one of the thickest coats of chop-sprayed fiberglass resin you'll find in this industry, assemble the structure, and coat it again for a wholly monolithic, seam-free finish.

The end result is an extremely rigid structure, that can resist virtually any corrosive atmosphere.

Industrial Duty Fiberglass Shelters

Industrial Duty Fiberglass Shelters, also known as FRP buildings, are tough and durable monolithic structures, formed from the finest materials available.  Our fiberglass shelters are constructed entirely from industrial rated non-organic materials to achieve maximum endurance, and are manufactured to the most comprehensive specifications in the industry. Ranging in standard sizes from six feet square to twenty four by fifty feet, Bebco Fiberglass Shelters are ideally suited for a wide array of specialized applications, including but not limited to chill water tower control rooms, waste water pumping stations and pipeline metering houses, control or analyzer rooms and auxiliary buildings in facilities that have predominately corrosive environments contain elements such as h2s, sulfuric acids and ammonia.

Bebco Industrial Fiberglass Shelters are portable modular FRP buildings that are furnished with a steel base, which can be constructed as an open or decked frame. Decked frames are available in a variety of configurations including flat decks, recessed decks for raised flooring systems, open grated decks for pipeline metering and pump or lift stations and sump base configurations featuring a sealed cavity for the containment of potential chemical spills within the structure. 

Additional features of our Industrial Duty Fiberglass Shelters also include doors, windows and awnings for the protection of externally mounted equipment Our Fiberglass Shelters can also be equipped with interior and exterior lighting, power distribution, raised computer flooring, and suspended ceiling systems, along with heating, ventilation, air conditioning, pressurization, combustible gas detection and fire suppression equipment for any location.

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Basic Laboratories  Guard House  Power Control Center  Advanced Laboratories  Plant Office  Marshaling Center  Kitchen Galley 

We can also customize the interior of your Fiberglass Shelters and FRP Buildings with any combination of amenities, including interior walls, lavatories, built in cabinets and workstations, sleeping quarters and any other fixtures required for your application. Our Industrial Duty Fiberglass Shelters live up to their name and are extremely strong structures, making them ideal for the installation furnished equipment such as switchgear, analyzers, and motor control centers.  Please learn more by visiting our Industrial Fiberglass Shelter Accessories Section.

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