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Finished Product Examples

As this new product line gets off the ground (sorry - these puns come way to easy!) we welcome you to learn more about this product and understand the amazing flexibility and the very unique options we offer.  Unlike large scale manufacturers who sell bits and pieces for you to fit into your situation, Bebco builds to suit your application from the ground up. (yup, there's another one....)

But all kidding aside, perfection is our goal and we've taken the time to ensure our stairs, ADA ramps and platforms are fabricated from the finest materials and engineered to meet the most demanding industrial applications.  That's why all units are pre-assembled at our factory to ensure every part fits together flawlessly in the field.  That's also why each unit is furnished with a detailed assembly drawings and all parts are identified with a non-destructible identification mark, so no one struggles to figure out which parts fit where.

Then, to truly meet industrial needs, Bebco provides special coatings, a broad range of materials, and features like bonding and earth ground lugs, debris containment pans and spill containment systems.  Check out the finished examples below, and then use our detailed inquiry form to get a quote!

Click either image below for more information and multiple views.

Left & Front Side Platform
Left & Front Side
Platform Unit
Large Wrap-Around Platform
Large Wrap-Around
Platform Unit
Left and Right Doorway Platform
Left & Right Doorway
Platform Units

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