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blast resistant buildings, portable metal buildings, portable fiberglass buildings, frp buildings, modular fiberglass building, analyzer houses, analyzer shelters, analyzer sheds, control rooms, mcc buildings, switchgear buildings
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Housing & Access Solutions for Harsh Industrial Environments

Welcome to our web site, and thanks for visiting! Parkline is the only manufacturer in the world that offers a complete range of integrated equipment and personnel housings. As you'll discover, Parkline provides the highest level of quality, broad capabilities and unparalleled service.

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  • Modular Buildings
  • Instrument Racks, Sheds & Canopies
  • Industrial Stairs, ADA Ramps & Platforms

Industrial Sheet Metal, Fiberglass & Blast Resistant Buildings

Parkline produces pre-engineered modular buildings in three industrial duty styles.  Our most popular series is fabricated from self-framing interlocking panels that form the walls, roof and ceiling.  They can be produced in galvanized, stainless steel or aluminum sheeting, ranging from 18 to 12 gauge material, and in virtually any size or shape.  Parkline Industrial Duty Fiberglass Shelters satisfy applications in highly corrosive areas, and provide an unsurpassed level of strength and durability.  Parkline Blast Resistant Buildings are engineered to withstand internal or external blast forces, and we specialize in producing wall systems that achieve zero deflection and minimum damage in catastrophic events.

These three styles of industrial buildings satisfy virtually any industrial application, such as control rooms, analyzer houses, laboratories, pump houses, motor control centers (MCC), data collection center (DCS) and electrical switchgear buildings.  They also satisfy applications for security centers, guard houses, metering stations, turbine generators, utility or storage buildings, mud logging or wireline cabins and remote marshalling centers.

Accessories include lighting, power distribution, raised flooring, suspended ceilings and awnings, and Parkline also provides complete laboratory environments, kitchens, restrooms, crew quarters, offices and storage amenities.

Click any link below to jump directly to the product section of interest to learn more, see dozens of finished examples and discover why Parkline is your best choice for industrial duty equipment and personnel housings!

Industrial Modular Buildings
Blast Resistant Buildings Industrial Duty Metal Shelters  Industrial Duty Fiberglass Shelters

Instrument Racks, Sheds & Canopies

Parkline Instrument Racks, Sheds & Canopies are the perfect complement to our modular buildings. Our racks serve as a free-standing supports for electrical disconnects, meters, instrumentation and analyzers.  They are engineered to support any weight load, and may feature fixed or detachable canopies for outdoor applications. Our sheds are three sided structures that feature a roof and open front with ventilated or non-ventilated side walls.  They serve primarily as equipment housings, inclement weather shelters, or building entry-way vestibules.  Bebco canopies are offered in fully supported or cantilevered configurations, and can be engineered to withstand any wind load.

Our rack, shed and canopy frames are constructed from painted carbon steel, galvanized, aluminum or stainless mounting channel strut, angle iron, channel iron or I-beams, depending on the weight-load of equipment and circumstances of use. The walls and roofs of our sheds and canopies are constructed from the finest range of materials, including interlocking galvanized, stainless steel or aluminum panels, galvanized or fiberglass R-panels or corrugated metal or fiberglass panels. 

Parkline’s expertise spans a wide variety of techniques, so you can get virtually any size, shape or configuration of racks, sheds and canopies desired. Any form of finish, crafted either as finished products or kits for field assembly.

Click the link below to jump directly to our racks, sheds and canopies product section to learn more, see dozens of finished examples and see why Bebco is your best choice for this range of products!

Industrial Equipment Racks, Sheds, Canopies and Awnings
Instrument Racks, Sheds & Canopies

Industrial Duty Stairs, ADA Ramps & Platforms

Parkline Industrial Stairs, ADA Ramps and Platforms are manufactured and fabricated in a manner to ensure flawless assembly, absolute integrity, and years of maintenance free service.  By pre-drilling, pre-fitting and identifying all parts with laser cut blocks, you can rest assured that every component of our stairs and platforms will be clearly identified and fit together with ease when they arrive at your facility

Parkline can construct stair, ADA ramp and platform frames from steel, stainless steel or aluminum, with any finish, and offers any style and type of grating; and regardless of your material preference, all stairs ADA ramps and platforms come complete with handrails, kick-plates, hardware and a plan-view assembly drawing.

Best of all, our product section for Industrial Stairs, ADA Ramps and Platforms features a detailed inquiry form you can use to specify all materials and finishes, including hot-dip galvanizing and safety yellow paint finishes.  We also provide typical designs in 3D which you can dimension, or you can attach your own sketches, drawings and specifications.

As you will learn, Bebco produces stairs, ADA ramps and platforms with an absolute commitment to quality assurance that ensures your life-long satisfaction.  Click the link below and jump directly to our industrial duty stairs and platforms product section where you can get more details, see finished examples of our products, and send us an RFQ, using our quick-quote or detailed inquiry forms.  You’ll then get an amazingly fast and courteous response and a quotation as quickly as possible!

Industrial Duty Stairs & Platforms
Stairs & Platforms

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